I’m Reading at Woodland Pattern Saturday, January 31st!


So it’s almost here … the moment I have waited for … reading at Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In a world full of impersonal cyber-shopping and the imminent death of so many¬† independent bookstores, Woodland Pattern is truly a burst of light.

Each year, WPBC hosts a Poetry Marathon and Benefit and I am pleased to say I am a part of the line up of poets this year. I will be reading between 3:00 and 4:00 on Saturday and still need some pledges! Please see WPBC’s website, http://www.woodlandpattern.org/

&/ or my website: http://www.carriemcgath.com

for more information about the marathon and giving a pledge to myself or other poets. The schedule of poets is also available on WPBC’s website.

If you are in or in travelable distance to Milwaukee, please attend this significant poetry event. And bring some money to buy some great poetry from small presses and many chapbooks.

I am glad to be sharing this day with Don, with drinks from Von Trier following the reading.

And 2 nights at The Ambassador … what more could a poet want?

I am as excited as an anklet on Barbara Stanwick’s ankle …

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Kalamazoo Robbie Burns Dinner Cancelled.

Still celebrate Robbie Burns even without the Haggis.

Have a toast for Robbie though on Sunday the 25th!


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Happy Birthday, Mr. Burns … what a looker!


The good-lookin’ Scottish poet, Robert Burns

Celebrate this poet’s birthday with me on Sunday, January 25th at 6:00pat Winston’s of London Grill in Kalamazoo,¬† Michigan. I will be reading his poetry with the best scots accent I can muster. Tickets include an authentic Scottish dinner with Cock-a-Leekie soup and Haggis with a dram of Scotch or a glass of wine.Tickets must be purchase in advance for $50 each.

Call (269) 381-9212 for tickets. Space is limited!

My books will also be available for purchase.

Just had to get that in there …

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And I have never even crossed the ocean …


The other day I received a comment on this blog from a most wonderful person, Ramon. I couldn’t believe someone living in a city near Barcelona, Spain would have found my work and contacted me with such wonderful thoughts and emotion.

It has been almost a year since my reconnecting with lost friends from grad school, finding true love, and having an all-inclusive wave of goodness coming to me from people. Any dark that has come at all has not been as dark as it once was. Now, there is always a light there and someone waiting at the end of hallway in my heart.

Now this, from Ramon. From across an ocean I have never crossed yet myself.

The soul in Spain has always possessed a sweet resonance for me — I think a lot of it is the magic I have always returned to again and again, lying in bed kissing the words of Lorca with my eyes.


And now, this message from across the sea.

And his intensely kind eyes do me a daily good.

Please visit Ramon’s blog (great artwork on her but I need to learn Catalan).


And watch http://www.carriemcgath.com … I am now hoping for an International Readers with an array of translations link soon!

Interested in doing some translations, Ramon?

Best blessings.

So mote it be …

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