Happy Holidays!


Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday!

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  1. Hi, i write you from a little town near Barcelona, Spain. I read and enjoy your writings. I like very much your poetry. I follow it reading your blog and your web. Well, I´ve posted in my blog a little translation (in Catalonian) of one of your texts. It´s from your blog ANHEDONIA. I expect you don´t be upset for it.

    This is the text:
    “I get to thinking I wish I hadn’t brashly cut my hair, wanting it back sometimes. There were little thoughts in those strands and my hope is that there is a brunette bird’s nest somewhere. There’s a little museum in my throat and it is white and brushed modern metal. There is a warehouse in my feet and its windows ache at the end of the day.”
    This is the translation:
    Em vaig trobar pensant que potser no m´hauria d´haver tallat els cabells d´una manera tan i tan precipitada: ara, tot sovint, voldria lluir-los de nou.
    Hi havia petits pensaments en aquelles trenes: el meu únic consol és que, potser, hagin esdevingut niu d´un ocell bru en una o altra banda.
    Tinc un petit museu a la meva gola. És blanc i el raspallo amb el metall més modern.
    Tinc un magatzem als meus peus i les finestres en fan mal quan s´acaba el dia.
    I´ve used your photo and I´ve added the cover of your book “Small Murders” with a link to your place.
    there is no problem?.
    As you see my English is very poor, but…
    Thank you Carrie McGath and be very, very happy and keep writing and reading, and living, and….
    a poetic hug from Ramon Sellarès i Enrich

  2. Thank you, Ramon. Your words make me leap a little. Thank you for this. I am embarking on a lot of unknown territory right now, so this comment came like a little unexpected tug on my dress.

    Thank you in droves and moons, dear friend.

    You may completely use my photos / book covers to publicize my art. And this I appreciate more than you know.

    Do you write as well? I will check out your blog.

    I wish now I spoke your language. It looks truly gorgeous.

    Be well, keep in touch. And many thanks.


  3. Thank you, Carrie, and be very well too. I send you a lot of good, good, good energy and the best feelings for all your projects. Have always the positive power of the words in your heart. They are “life” and if we respect them they share it with us. Be careful in all your trips and enjoy every moment. Be always creating.

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