My Latest Visit

This Andrew Wyeth painting greatly resembles one of the houses I visit on my Upper World journeys. My wisdom teacher is my Aunt Shirley who had a farmhouse and then a cabin during her life. When I was a little girl, I looked forward to going to her farm: the room full of dolls, her artwork, and once a month her cutting my bangs that usually ended up looking like jagged saw blades threatening my eyes. But she was the only one I trusted with scissors so close to the vitals of my brain and eyes.

This painting looks very much like the farmhouse. And when I visit the Upper World, I find my aunt in one of these two places. On my last visit a very short time ago, I needed to speak to her about certain critical issues that were beginning to put me in a bad spot when I have been doing so well. I was very fearful of my soul part leaving again …

She was not in the farmhouse, so I went to the cabin. When I walked in, it was my aunt looking to be my age. Seated in the main room I saw myself sewing intently. I asked what was going on and my aunt said to look. I was sewing a heart together with embroidery thread. My aunt said, You need to do this too. A simple but sturdy stitch will do. It seems that much of what she says to me rhymes.

More was said that is also quite unnerving but the main lesson was a constant consciousness of when things need mending; knowing when to mend. The symbolism of this to me is not only mending something not broken, but loosened and weakened, but also the sewing almost implying to me a closing of the heart. In a previous journey, she told me to close my heart well and let my mind swell. And I listened, but a kindness of a certain one with soft hands opened it and it has been opened since. Nothing has happened to make me want to close it again. I want it to be open like the sea, like a window as hers always were, the chiffon curtains looking like hair.

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