Wonderful Reading about Unitarian Universalism

This is a link to a blogger who has written a very eloquent post about Unitarian Universalism — both its history and its place in modern society. For me, Acceptance is the golden rule in being a part of the UU church. Acceptance, after all, would solve most if not all of the problems in this world. A world that so often seems more and more like a mad, red circus in a tornado.

Thank you for this post, Orcinus.


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Above All, Tolerance

7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism

1. Dignity of all people.

2. Compassion and Equality.

3. Acceptance.

4. World peace, justice and liberty for all people.

5. Freedom to search for meaning and truth for all people.

6. The true democratic process.

7. Respect for the natural world and our connection to it.

I am thinking of the victims in Tennessee and everywhere in the world today.

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Ohio Lonely Art Hop @ FIRE in Kalamazoo, Michigan …

Please come by between 6:00 and 8:00 for art and refreshments (adult beverages also, yes).

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My Latest Visit

This Andrew Wyeth painting greatly resembles one of the houses I visit on my Upper World journeys. My wisdom teacher is my Aunt Shirley who had a farmhouse and then a cabin during her life. When I was a little girl, I looked forward to going to her farm: the room full of dolls, her artwork, and once a month her cutting my bangs that usually ended up looking like jagged saw blades threatening my eyes. But she was the only one I trusted with scissors so close to the vitals of my brain and eyes.

This painting looks very much like the farmhouse. And when I visit the Upper World, I find my aunt in one of these two places. On my last visit a very short time ago, I needed to speak to her about certain critical issues that were beginning to put me in a bad spot when I have been doing so well. I was very fearful of my soul part leaving again …

She was not in the farmhouse, so I went to the cabin. When I walked in, it was my aunt looking to be my age. Seated in the main room I saw myself sewing intently. I asked what was going on and my aunt said to look. I was sewing a heart together with embroidery thread. My aunt said, You need to do this too. A simple but sturdy stitch will do. It seems that much of what she says to me rhymes.

More was said that is also quite unnerving but the main lesson was a constant consciousness of when things need mending; knowing when to mend. The symbolism of this to me is not only mending something not broken, but loosened and weakened, but also the sewing almost implying to me a closing of the heart. In a previous journey, she told me to close my heart well and let my mind swell. And I listened, but a kindness of a certain one with soft hands opened it and it has been opened since. Nothing has happened to make me want to close it again. I want it to be open like the sea, like a window as hers always were, the chiffon curtains looking like hair.

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