July 11th Art Hop, Kalamazoo, MI

During my Upper World journey, I found that my Wisdom Teacher was my Aunt Shirley McGath-McCurdy. Our connection when she was alive was eerily uncanny. I was a little girl, then a teenager, then she was dead when I was 15. With her death came what seemed to be a transmigration, our likenesses gathering strength in look, mind, and heart as I got older.

My Ohio Lonely exhibit at the Art hop at FIRE in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Friday, July 11th, are collages and photographs that are genealogical in nature. These are an extension of the meditative study I have been in while writing the poems that accompany the artwork. This particular piece is a study of the connection I have with my aunt, as well as a symbolic representation of our shared illness.

For more info on the exhibit and the Art Hop, please visit my website: http://www.carriemcgath.com

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Technical Difficulties … Resolved.

My website, http://www.carriemcgath.com is back up.

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Temporary Technical Difficulties …

My website, http://www.carriemcgath.com is currently down … but will be up very very soon!

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hey ladies … make your muscles tingle and let the rest jingle

Since beginning to explore many different ways I may express myself artistically, I realized dance was an art form I had woefully neglected since my little girl dancing days of tutus and tap shoes. Once puberty hit, my ballerina body was quickly replaced with one that only made ballet more, shall we say, difficult. Bellydancing is not only great exercise, but a wonderful means to bond with other women, and perhaps most importantly, let it jingle and the more it does, the better you are doing in your dance of the seven veils. And you are learning a language really like no other — the ultimate body language.

The music isn’t bad either … this is all so joyous and will set you a-tingle.

Interested women should contact FIRE in Kalamazoo, Michigan via their website: http://www.thisisfire.com.

See you there, ladies!

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I am calling her Mades …

This is my new possesion and it already on its way to possessing my heart. The feelings and emotions this brings is already quite amazing. The first song I will learn will be Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat” — likely one of the best songs ever ever made.

Listen to this wondrous song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aRKZFR5imM

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Happy Birthday, My Sweet!

June 13th is Fernando Pessoa’s birthday! Yes, he’s six feet under but still alive in his wondrous personalities and writings of delight, despair, and great philosophy. And my dear Dove, if you’re reading this … I realize you got a Pessoa thing going (minus the zebra boots and Nudie suit!) … the resemblance is truly amazing! That’s just even more goody goody for me!

Anyway, I am celebrating with pints and prizes for my Pessoa-lovin’ buddies this week!

And just to make the pot a little sweeter for all of you, my fellow Pessoa-lovers … you will receive your very own magnetic Pessoa (see one of my homemade Pessoas) — magnetic both in personality(ies) AND functionality! Pessoa writings, Pessoa paper dolls, and door prizes … and PINTS!

Happy Birthday, my Sweet!

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