Upper World Journey by Means of Chiffon …

My first attempt last week with the Shaman to reach the Upper World to find my wisdom teacher was unsuccessful. I was unable to go upwards from the clay cliffs of Gay Head. I chose this place, this cliff, as my starting point since it is the only open high point I am truly familiar with … I haven’t been on or in many high things … this cliff is one and Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, the Arch in St. Louis are others … I think that covers it. I will be able to add Sears Tower to the list after this Saturday … after my great whisk-away to Chicago tomorrow.

My Upper World journey last week met with the difficulty of how I would float into the Upper World … helium balloons just didn’t seem to work and neither did the sea mist I imagined lifting me. Yesterday, it was almost instantaneous. My trance began quickly (and a lot of that may have been thanks to the Shaman’s sage tea) and I began to float toward the Upper World … by means of a chiffon nightgown.

As a side note, I found that chiffon nightgowns (or any full-length nightgown) are very hard to find … but when you do the feeling of chiffon is like a cloud … so it is an exceedingly appropriate vehicle for this into-the-clouds journey.

I digress … chiffon seems to create digression. When I reached the Upper World, I saw only one person — a man in a suit with a fedora. I did not recognize him as anyone I had ever seen before. I asked him if he was my wisdom teacher and he said he wasn’t. I followed the path of his long finger to find my teacher, but I was summoned to return to this place, this Middle Earth, before I found anyone else. I plan on journeying again tonight and hope to find my wisdom teacher … but I may journey back into the Lower World instead since I am still looking for my Power Animal.

My shamanic experiences have shown me so much possibility and love … love is now priority in my life. Hearts are guides like those spirits I seek now …

And now my father is sending me medical pictures of his heart. This is exciting and it will also be so good for the poetry and artwork I am doing about my genealogy. I wish I had pictures of every family members’ heart. I know my father’s will be large and beautiful.

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