lower world voyage nos. 1 & 2

Now that I am wholly intact, my next voyage to seek my Power Animal, my life guide and adviser, was a transfixing experience. While in a trance amid shamanic drumming (the first time with the shaman himself, the second by myself with his recording of the drumming), I crawled through a clay tunnel that had begun at the Clay Cliffs of Gay Head in Martha’s Vineyard. I tunneled both times for what seemed a long time, finally emerging in a wooded area. The tree trunks, logs reaching upward were pure white, the foilage was a swimming pool blue. I was on a quest for my Power Animal, finding nothing and no one when I first emerged. I wandered in the blue, touched the white. My Celtic roots could cause my Power Animal to actually be a tree, so I was open to them as well. I came upon a white buck, tall as me. His white fur was so white it was almost transluscent, his muscles and sinews reflecting the blue leaves above us. I asked him if he was who I was looking for, was he my guide, my Power Animal? He shook his head no. I asked him to show me the way to my Power Animal and he pointed me in a direction with his solid white and seemingly untainted hoof. I began to walk in that direction, seeing nothing for a bit. But then my peripheral vision caught sight of what I thought was a peacock, a white peacock. But every time I looked in its direction, it was gone. Was it simply being playful, was it challenging me? This happened several times on both of my journeys. The second journey I saw the buck and a white squirrel. The squirrel simply pointed, as if knowing I was looking for my animal. I am guessing the squirrel was not it. I had no time to ask though … it pointed and ran up the tree undetectable in their mingled whites.

I walked some more. I saw the white peacock ahead of me … a long way ahead of me. I hurried my step, regretting my hurried steps as I was doing it, trying to slow and then I was summoned to return to the middle world (our world). I climbed back through my tunnel, reemerging here, my bedroom having a temorary blue haze while my eyes adjusted.

I have another voyage on Wednesday with the shaman. I cannot rush this search … the peacock may be one trying to guide me to my animal, or it could be my life-guide, giving me power when I need it, advice and guidance.

I buried my regrets in the forest of blue and white and they fertilized the earth and disappeared like a corpse.

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