it was me, just over a year ago

My Soul Retrieval met with positive results in that my soul part returned to me. Pain causes the soul to leave typically, and I think this was the case with me. The shaman said when he found this part, I was in a state of “pure desolation.” I am guessing it was when I had a bipolar breakdown. I am guessing it was feeling my confidence go away with her. Pain is more intangible than love; it is hard to see in someone. I think art and poetry is one way to make it textured, to show it like a photograph in one flashbulb moment. It is the way to hold your heart in your hand and show it like a cut on your finger.

I need to ask her, my soul part, why she left. I have made some promises to her never to let her be hurt again … we won’t be again ever (not like this) … we will be guarded with the shield of art and love. I feel prolific again. I write again as a whole person — expressing our pain and our love. Now we have to remember one another, get to know one another again like roommates. My energy and happiness has returned now. There is so much on the horizon and it is surrounded — little love soldiers waiting for my heart.

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  1. This moved me. I have been through a time where my soul left but I never thought of it that way. I am getting better and you have spoken exactly the way I have been feeling. Thank you!

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