It is silent in my room, a #4 on my door …

Last night was prolific as it was difficult.
I wrote 4 poems in my #4 apartment.
I had 4 cups of tea.
And my dead aunt came to visit me.
My father saw his dead father last week in my old bedroom at home. He was standing by the window and said: “Lee is still crying.” Lee is the uncle I had written about here who just recently and suddenly passed away of a heart attack. And last night my aunt Shirley said, “I’m still crying.” Part of me believes all of these voices and visions by myself and my father to be subconscious happenings, but I wonder about that when it is so real and my body gets a feeling that is truly indescribable,
a feeling I never feel unless these “visitations” occur.
This photo is my Aunt Shirley’s senior picture. In her 30s
(and I am 30 now) she wore black eyeliner
and mascara to further set off what she called / calls the “dark moons” under her eyes.
And now as I am 30 using cold cream and eye makeup as she did,
our resemblance speaks to something odd and ethereal.
I don’t know what, how, or why really.
But I aim to someday figure it out.
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  1. Heyas Miss RCP. I see my dead dad in my dreams all the time. Strange random things happen right after I dream about him that are somehow related to him. I know he’s around when I have tons of light bulbs burn out in a short period of time. Just this weekend I had 7 bulbs burn out in 3 days. I now believe it was my dad warning me that I was about to lose my job (which I did). Good luck on your quest to figure it all out. *hugs*

  2. Sending your books tomorrow! Thanks for your thoughts on this topic … and for supporting my work! Hugs back!

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