sudden death, roaming cows and aviaries

The morning my uncle suddenly died, his mystified cows, miles away on his Pennsylvania farm, walked into his son’s front yard. My uncle named all of his cows and called them by name when he went to the farm to tend to them. Then he would eventually sell them at auction. I always wondered how he could name these cows and then sell them to slaughter. But my uncle was a science man … he had emotions … he wasn’t that cold, but his world was science, riddled with it. He had several graduate degrees in many different math and sciences, but he never flaunted his genius in these subjects. He loved birds and classical music. He is now to have an aviary in his memory, and a bench with his name at the aviary in Pittsburgh. I know this made him happy … wherever he was after leaving this tangible world.
His sudden death (and as a result my very depressed aunt) made me miss my family more. I have already surrounded myself in my bedroom and living room with photos of my family. It is comforting especially when I am feeling less than good. I wrote my uncle a poem while having a pint for him …. and I thought of those cows knowing something … something I am sure no human being could ever know.
That animal thing we all lost long ago.
Adieu, my good uncle Leo … hope you can now prove your theories about the secrets of the universe.
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