“Take a walk with your depression …”


Take a walk with your depression. I was told this today. Never heard it quite in that way before, but after my sleepless night of chaotic emotion anything sounds like an option. Walking always makes me feel better and going at it with this annoyance as a companion and not an annoyance may prove to be intriguing. This statement has already spawned a poem … this proverbial walk.

Tonight, I plan on taking this walk and I will let her walk with me. I am aware of the cheesy and psychobabbly and melodramatic characteristics this walk possesses … but it is an interesting exercise in self-reflection if nothing else. This may even be a very good way to reign in the chaos that has been tauntingly poking me the last few days.

I am always happy for happy distractions … but when I do not have them … I must find my own. A helpful sort of distraction like me walking the streets tonight with “her” feeling a little like litter pushed up against a curb … leaving me in a grand position to simply observe.




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