Indeed I wonder about the boy missing his toy


I spent a good part of Saturday at North Beach in South Haven, Michigan. I am trying desperately to make up for lost beach time since I only recently acquired a bathing suit. It was cold and dark and sprinkling a lot and this gave the day an ominous feel. While walking among the houses of “the other half of human existence” I saw a lawn with white chairs umbrellaed by the umbrellas of wedding guests. I hear this is good luck, rain on your wedding day … I guess they will see. I have been getting cynical about love lately, it seeming a little like smoke and mirrors, an optical illusion for the heart — an aortic illusion perhaps?

And then that tiny tragedy made the day a little more shadowed in something emotional and moody for me. On my beach walk I found a toy airplane stuck, nose first in the sand. It looked like a tiny plane crash, a tiny tragedy. I kept walking and a poem began to come. I sat down and began to write. Then I went back to the deserted airplane, picked it up and kept it. I do not know why I was compelled to take it. Maybe because it looked so tragic, maybe as a reminder of the plane’s look and the discovery of it to my exceedingly bad memory as I wrote the poem, maybe because I felt its life as a toy had ended with this tragedy and would never recover. It needed a reincarnation of sorts. The expanse of the lake at that moment reminded me a little of the expanse of the ocean … the swimming secrets of life going about their day beneath the dark surface like stock brokers — rush, rush, persue and consume.

Rain is to continue for the rest of the week and I keep thinking it is somehow interesting to think that while I am plummeted with wet, a friend of mine is experiencing sand-inflicted pains in the desert.

But I am not heartless about the airplane theft … I do sincerely wonder about the boy missing his toy.

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  1. Man, what a great image! I can totally picture that toy airplane crashed nose-first into the light-colored beach sand. I would love to capture this image on film. Maybe shot close up with a low f-stop and a macro lens.

  2. Hey Smarty Pants … what’s an f-stop?

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