A BB Gun & A Ballet


So after my first foray into the world of shooting a BB gun, I went to the ballet. For the first time in weeks I feel I had a truly full and satisfying weekend. Most every weekend till this one … lots of sleeping and reclusive impulses. So first, the BB Gun …

I think it is intensely bizarre that I was just pondering my father’s love of his Red Rider and now here I am … the daughter who swore she’d never touch a gun of any kind is actually a regular Annie Oakley shooting empty beer cans with a frightening vengeance. But I think I did have a lot of residual rage left over from various things … maybe this helped … this and my “art therapy.” But I will use my BB Gun talents for good exclusively … I shall never shoot the eyes from a beloved doll.

Then I went to the ballet on Sunday. It pays (literally) to know someone who lives in the basement of a ballet studio. My friend, Jim the Sicilian flamenco guitarist (yes, that’s what I always call him) lives in the basement of the Kalamazoo Ballet who put on this wonderful production called Jane. This is the first Ballet company that ever adapted the Charlotte Bronte novel, Jane Eyre into a ballet. I was truly honored to see one of my favorite books of all time translated into dance … ballet even … and done so artfully. I loved the crucifixion imagery when Jane encounters Reverend St. John Rivers in the stormy woods after Rochester had broken her fragile heart. And both Jane’s strength and fragility were portrayed in this production … not an easy task I am guessing for the very talented 15 year old ballerina who played Jane.

And now off to Ohio I go in a couple of days … I am certain I will have lots to ponder and write about after this little holiday in my hometown that never really feels like home. But neither does Kalamazoo. Portland did though … if it still wants me. And I very much hope it does.

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