Still in Portland, Oregon … and it took flying across the country for me to truly realize the importance of mutual respect and also the inner reflection of what’s truly important — sincere love, respect, and poetry. Tonight I read with Aaron at Nine Muses in NE Portland. It will be a great moment (one of many these days here) to share the stage with Aaron again, our words and minds tilted completely and together toward Truth and Beauty. I truly dread leaving tomorrow, but know I will be back in a few months and that is when my true life, unconfused and for the first time clear, will begin.

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  1. Glad to see a kindred spirit lamenting the lack of mutual respect and spontaneous loving kindness.

    On the bright side, during the Miss Universe competition yesterday, the evening gown segment, our own Miss USA slipped and fell on her caboose.

    Don’t let our search for respect, love, truth and beauty cause us to lose our sense of humor.

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