Thank You, Aisha

The last several days have been a test for certain … a test of my already teetering sanity. But this did my heart good … a review by a reviewer who actually seems to “get” Small Murders. And I needed to feel “gotten” today. I am going to paste Aisha’s review from the Milwaukee paper, Shepherd Express here:

Meanwhile, the visceral verses of contemporary poet Carrie McGath recall the confessionalist poets, using personal traumas to unearth the uneasy rhythms that pulsate beneath everyday objects and experiences. The name of her new anthology, Small Murders, forewarns you of the dark nature of her poetry, hovering in that disquieting zone between violence and placidity, dreaming and wakefulness. Her persona is one whose brittle cheeriness and cold pragmatism belies her struggle to resist the undertow of phantasmagoric horror that lies beneath the everyday. Juxtaposing imagery of fractured delicacy, birds’ wings, eggshells and doll’s heads, with the uncompromising hardness of gun barrels and wooden chests, she captures an uncanny world where a semblance of normality veils overripe fantasies and violence. Hear McGath read her distinct and powerful poetry at Broad Vocabulary on Friday, April 27th at 6:30 p.m.

Read all of the reviews in this particular column of Aisha’s here: and look for the Books / Poetry in Motion section.

Keep it up, Aisha … and please drop me a line if you see this and … want to. Thanks for the review!

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