The Unbearable White Outside

Dean Young and Tony Hoagland also addressed suffering and art … but only because it was a question from an audience member. Even if suffering creates some or all of one’s art, it is still nothing one tends to ponder as an artist. At least my experience has been pondering the fact that I created something that may be worthwhile … whether or not it was conceived out of suffering.

Actually, my art is typically conceived out of an elation … suffering is like lard in a vein … it blocks, threatens to destroy.

Dean Young and Tony Hoagland basically said that though suffering exists it is not necessarily a fodder for art. A way to art and creation. Hoagland mentioned that moment … that wonderful and inexplicable moment when a poem walks up to you, the poet … and then creation happens. That feeling to me is better than anything else but it may be close to being in love … that desire for something and the constant threat of it not being there anymore.

But I am taking my “best wishes in April snow” as far as they will go. Herman Hesse wrote: Love your suffering. Do not resist it, do not flee from it. It is your aversion that hurts, nothing else. My aversion is mostly my fear … suffering is an unpredictable emotion. It is easy for a well-adjusted and wise Herman Hesse to say this … but who is really strong enough not to flee? Not me, definitely in this April snow.

Best wishes …

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