When Personas Take Over …

There is something to be said for your “persona” in your work to take over a bit. In your day to day life, soul, heart, and so forth. In that, one begins to lose oneself. Fernando Pessoa, the author of a book I had mentioned here a while ago — The Book of Disquiet — is an extreme but significant example of personas taking over (since he had several), a loss of self, and an alienation that one does not desire but may happen as a default. It is hard for me to explain my emotions, but they are real. And I know also that in feeling and living with these emotions, I cannot forget the importance of Truth, Beauty, and most of all my Self. Since the book is finished now, I feel I can begin to move away and back from my personas in the book who have been making a little mischief in my life the last few weeks in particular. Gain perspective, an objectivity. Perspective and objectivity are only the best of things for writers anyway … nothing will get better in the writing without it and the same goes with life and its little searches.

Things will become wonderful in the truth we find and seek …

I need to get over my constant fear — the constant dichotomy — of feeling misunderstood while never really wanting to be understood completely. The allure of mystery has gotten me into trouble before … I need to listen to the objectivity offered by those I genuinely care about, the ones who can bring me an order out of chaos if I am willing to listen.

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