Hearts of Darkness …

I have made the grave mistake of watching The Sopranos. It is a good show, yes … but I don’t think I can deal with that much darkness emanating from the human soul … now I remember why I don’t have a television and never had cable … never HBO. I think I will stick to Columbo when I feel the need for a television show … But in books and art I openly welcome the dark underbelly … but the moving reality of television heightens one’s experience, the unlimited accessibility makes it scary … an unleashing upon the entire world. Hmmm … just something I am pondering today … still grasping for that rediscovery and what IT is …

I think tonight I will stick to reading some Joseph Conrad … wink wink …

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I recently went to the cinema and saw the (fairly) new Martin Scorsese movie “the Departed”. It was FILLED with darkness. My brother walked out of the theater happy as can be, but for me, the darkness in that movie really stuck with me. I always wonder when people say stuff like “oh, I can listen to anything, music (or whatever) doesn’t effect me at all.” What Bullshit. I think everything affects everyone.

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