I was feeling the love at my reading on Thursday night … not because the room was full to the brim … only 8 people were there … but because the people in that room were so dear to me; I was so feeling the love. I also think I am improving each time I read which is good. Each time, I am less nervous and feel I have more of a command over my poems and performance. I did sell 5 copies of Small Murders which was quite nice considering there were only 8 people. The book is available online via Amazon and Barnes and Noble, also via the New Issues Press site, There are also two poems from the book on the New Issues site.

In a recent issue of Poets and Writers magazine, there was a great article with many great tips on plugging your work, preparing for interviews, and performing. When reading, especially a longer poem, my mouth begins to tire … not really cottonmouth, but a weird tired jaw feeling. This article advised face muscle exercises before a performance … opening your mouth really wide and holding it, a kind of stretching your mouth. I did this while I was getting ready and it did seem to help. Just thought I would pass that tip on …

Even though the room was not filled with tons of people drolling for poetry, it was filled with such great moments for me. My friend’s little brother made me a gourmet grilled cheese before the reading since I wanted something on the lighter side to eat beforehand. Two dear friends were in town from out of state and the night possessed a sort of magical quality with my nearest and dearest there. I was also presented with a torque from my friend’s dad after I finished reading. He said it was a Celtic tradition to give torques to poets who had earned respect. That was something I was not expecting, something wonderful and gorgeous, and seeping with emotion for me.

I have to begin to think of more venues where I can read. It sounds like I may read at Fire again as well. I will be starting the “conference circuit” in late February.

And I am still looking for a title for the second collection … any ideas? Something simple but possessing texture and a possibility for metaphorical meaning. I am liking Maybe.

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  1. 1st: I was there at the reading at Fire and can say firsthand that is was a GREAT reading. I think you have gotten even better at reading in front of people. You held the interest of everyone, told some great stories and anecdotes, and most importantly picked great poems to read (seemingly able to know what people wanted to hear), and being very charming.

    2nd: Anna has some very good photos of the reading at Fire and would love to see some of them posted here.

    3rd: 2nd book title: Maybe? Bah. You can do better than that.

  2. Thanks, Mr. Jack. How are the Demonlovers coming? I support you totally with your artistic endeavor … And thanks for the praise.

  3. We are well on our way to stardom. Obviously.

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